KRF -406MA/KRF -436EMA


.100%HFC free and FCKW free;

.large freezer room design;

.Stylish interior LED light;

.Adjustable shelf for various demands;

.High-efficiency compressor,low energy consumption and noise.

.Electronic temperature control.

Model No. KRF-578WHA


.Totally No-Frost design with ice maker and water dispenser for elegant life;

.Home bar with easy-touch open device;

.with super freezing and super cooling function;

.interior LED lighting;

.Automatic humidity adjustment for fruit and vegetables drawer;

.Broad climatic range(SN~T);

.computer control with LCD touch screen;


Double-door refrigerator

No Frost Series


.Frost-free design;

.100% HFC free and FCKW free;

.Stylish interior light;

.Adjustable shelf for various demands;

.Recessed handle or with handle(Option);

.High-efficiency compressor, low energy consumption and noise.

Show Case Series


.Double-layer hollow glass;

.Excellent insulation effect;

.Gasbag-style removable door seals;

.Ideal airtightness;

.Easy to clean;

.Aluminum post;

.Overall foaming;

.Air conveyed through a inner large fan;

.Balanced refrigerated temperatures;

.Enhanced air flow to make food cool easily and quickly.

.Top of the light box,nice structure.

Chest Freezer Double Layer Door Series


.Foaming door plus inner glass dooor;

.Efficient refrigeration and quick freezing;

.Manual defrosting;

.Wide climate band technology;

.Flat back design for saving space;

.Heat insulation doors,cold air preservation much more effective.

Combi defrost rseries


KRF-256CA Series

280 liter multi-door refrigerator BCD-280BX4S

 Color crystal glass panel large capacity slim body partition storage 

386 liter cross-to-door refrigerator BCD-386BX4S

  Explosive multi-door four-door partition does not taste energy-saving fresh 

170 liter double door refrigerator BCD-170TA-GY

60-litre large freezer, one-piece box, ultra-fine foam layer, multi-speed temperature control, home rentals rely on it, galvanized backboard fireproof! 

219 liter three-door refrigerator BCD-219WEGX3S

new product launch! Hot! ! 219 liters of wind and cold mixed cold technology, give full play to refrigeration advantages, frozen air cooling mode, computer temperature control, automatic defrosting, gold panel, high-end life choice! 

top freezer defrost series

KRF-88TX Series

.100% HFC free and FCKW free;

.Mechanial Templature control;

.Stylish Interior light;